T&T Proposal

Proposal for T&T Opening "English for Communication" Course

PURPOSE: Provide English for Communication skills for use in a business environment.

Major Areas of Study: Speaking Skills, Vocabulary Building, Listening Skills and Role Plays.

Instruction: Provided by Experienced Native Speaker from Australia.

Suggested Topics:  Introducing Self, Talking about Your Company, Meeting New People, Reporting, Current Activities, Company Developments, Describing Products and Services, Suggesting and Recommending, Comparisons and Contrasts. 

Location: Company Premises


Monday 10-12 am  or 1-3 pm

Wednesday 10-12 am or 1-3 pm

Thursday 10-12 am or 1-3 pm or 3-5 pm

Friday 10-12 am or 1-3 pm or 3-5 pm 

Class Duration: 2 Hours

Course Duration: To be negotiated but 10 hours minimum

Number of Students per Class: No more than 12

CostB990 per hour fully inclusive of Instruction, travel and material costs

Terms: 30% on Class Booking Balance on Completion of Course.

Other Inclusions: Pre class interview and level assessment.

Student Report: Short Report Provided on each Student and Recommendations for future study.

Instructors Experience:  

Businesses:  Toyota Motors, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Cadbury/Mendolez, Johnson & Johnson, Berlin Pharma, CP, Mitrphol and many others.

Education: Chulalongkorn University Continuing Education Center, Mahidol University MBA Program, North Bangkok College, SBAC.


Ministry of Labour, ONCB, AOT, Ministry of Finance and others

Specific Courses: